We’re Back!

To say that we are back would imply that we were gone for an extended period of time. In reality, we were either drinking too much, golfing, going to weddings, taking vacations, being lazy/hung-over, or some combination of these activities. Although we haven’t blogged any new recipes since March, we certainly didn’t stop cooking and we expect to be blogging on a regular basis starting today!

We hope you enjoy our upcoming posts!

Patrick and Brianna


Mac & Cheese

I recently did a week-long cleanse to kick off the new year healthy, especially after stuffing my face for 2 weeks over Christmas. To end my cleanse, I thought I would indulge in a comfort food, which looking back seems … Continue reading

Highland Mussels

Scotland is one of my favourite places to have every visited and it holds a special place in our hearts (I know, cue the tears). Most of my friends would agree, Brianna especially, that I love anything Scottish including seafood … Continue reading

Sausage Stew

I am not too certain where this recipe originated, nor the exact quantities of each ingredient. None the less, make your own additions to this dish and follow these quantities as loosely as you like, as this is just the … Continue reading